• I learned a lot from paper prototyping.


    Spwabbits is my initial foray into building casual games for mobile devices. I’ve always wanted to play the Battle Room scenes from the Ender’s Game series, and...

Today we had a meeting at Launch Pad to plan New Orleans’ proposal to bring Google’s fiber network to New Orleans.

Google is planning to beta a fiber network, which would result in profoundly faster internet all the way to the home in whatever community they choose to partner with. We’re hoping that’s going to be New Orleans.

A group of twenty folks met this morning at Launch Pad, put together some ideas, and some directions to start reaching for research. We’re going to try to keep bringing in new partners now and meet with the mayor. We’ll see how it goes!

Just before Mardi Gras I started as the Program Director of the Digital Media Institute at NOVAC.

My job there is to develop and administer curriculum that will teach folks to use digital media to enhance their careers, or train them in the basics of a new career. Right now we’re looking at digital media as everything from graphic design to social media, video editing to 3D modeling, but we may need to focus in a little bit on that.

I’m super excited to be working with the rest of the NOVAC crew. They’re a great bunch of women.


What a great day!

Mitch Landrieu is going to be our new mayor, and the Saints are going to win the Superbowl! The Rex & Bella Show site is coming along well.

Many things are going great. Not all things, but many things.

I’ve decided to begun blogging primarily to help clarify my thoughts on the various projects I’m working on and to begin to draw connections between them. As they are often in different mediums, I’m excited to be able to look at my thoughts on all of these projects juxtaposed and get a better sense of how they relate.